Online access to the resolutions of the Dutch States General (1576-1796)

The debates in parliaments of our own times are familiar to all of us, but how did politics work in the Dutch Republic during the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century? What was important to people, how did representation work, how did the independent provinces reach agreements and how did the small Republic survive between the European monarchies? These are all historical problems that can only be answered with a helicopter view and adequate access to the accompanying sources. 

At the Huygens Institute in Amsterdam, a team of historians, data-scientists and volunteers works on the digital publication of the primal source for early modern Dutch political history: the resolutions of the Dutch States General (1576-1796). The aim of the REPUBLIC project is to publish all handwritten and printed resolutions fulltext and online. In this project, historical knowledge, machine learning and crowdsourcing are combined. On this website, it is possible to discover what we do and how you can contribute to the project.

REPUBLIC is short for REsolutions PUBLished In a Computational environment. The project is a collaboration between the Huygens Institute (KNAW) and the Dutch National Archives in the Hague, with financial support of the Dutch research council (NWO)

Webedition Resolutions of the Dutch States General (1576-1796)